5 months ago
‘Family values’ anti-gay politician accused of affair with his own cousin
5 months ago
Disney cancels all screenings of Beauty and the Beast in Malaysia after censors cut gay content
5 months ago
Town fills local square with rainbow flags in support of allegedly battered gay couple
7 months ago
High school cancelled play over lesbian character, say students
7 months ago
Generic levitra available united states Man held at gunpoint as thugs deface car with homophobic slurs
7 months ago
Man pleads not guilty to federal hate charge in killing of gay man
7 months ago
Two teenagers jailed over ‘violent and unprovoked’ homophobic attack
7 months ago
New North Carolina bill would make it an offence to call ex-Governor a ‘homophobic a**hole’
7 months ago
Liverpool man left with severe facial wounds after homophobic attack
7 months ago
Indian media embroiled in row over ‘gay’ Bollywood star
7 months ago
Bishop claims there are no gay animals in nature – meet all the creatures that disagree
7 months ago
Cheapest price for levitra These are the states set for battles on anti-LGBT laws
7 months ago
Government backs plan to tackle the UK’s ‘last anti-gay law’
7 months ago
BBC fails to moderate racist and homophobic comments on website
7 months ago
20 homophobic hate crimes a day in England and Wales
7 months ago
Mr Pride fined over homophobic abuse
7 months ago
College student who sent homophobic, racist letters to prof avoids jail time
7 months ago
Trump demands officials justify ‘massive’ spending on federal AIDS programme
7 months ago
Hundreds plan ‘gay dance party’ at the house of Vice President-elect Mike Pence
7 months ago
Woman robbed and abused in ‘homophobic’ Nando’s attack
7 months ago
Ireland lifts lifetime ban on gay men giving blood
7 months ago
North Carolina Governor continues to push for repeal of anti-trans HB2
7 months ago
Anti-LGBT activists: Trump presents ‘window of opportunity’ to reverse reforms
7 months ago
Italian court has ordered 12 hours of daily ‘youth community’ for ‘effeminate’ teen boy
7 months ago
University protesters shut down a Yiannopoulos and Shkreli talk before it even started
7 months ago
Gay activist wearing Israel shirt attacked in Chile by ‘neo-Nazis’
7 months ago
Vatican’s new guidelines maintain ban on gay priests
7 months ago
Downtown Little Rock home vandalized with homophobic, racist graffiti
7 months ago
Government integration tsar says it’s ‘not OK’ for religious schools to teach homophobia
7 months ago
Republican preacher: Ellen DeGeneres is sexually confused and LGBT liberals ‘hate black churches’


Date Article Link Source
31-12-16 Pastor goes on epic anti-gay rant, warns homosexuals will die in 2017 click here Gay Star News
30-12-16 Kennedy grandson arrested ‘defending gay friend’ in bar fight click here Pink News
30-12-16  Republican lawmaker: Gays are like ISIS because they ‘metaphorically’ kill people  click here Pink News
22-06-14 Openly Gay Governor Candidate Leads Pride Parade click here ABC News
22-06-14 Authorities Arrest Man Who Allegedly Shot Lesbian Teen Couple in Texas click here NBC News
22-06-14 Those who oppose same-sex marriage can draw lessons from fight against slavery click here Yahoo News
20-06-14 Louisville mayor joining pro-gay marriage group click here Kentucky.com
20-06-14 Gay Flight Attendant Serving Sass At 30,000 Feet: WATCH click here New Now Next
19-06-14 Washington National Anti-gay ‘March for Marriage’ proves to be a big flop click here SDGNL
19-06-14 Gay pride event at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base sparks controversy click here WTDN
19/06/14 Presbyterian Assembly: Gay Marriage Is Christian click here ABC News
18-06-14 Catholic Archbishop part of secret lobbying group aiming to ‘save traditional marriage’ click here Homophobic
18-06-14 Gay Parishioner Told to Observe Mass from Crying Room, Expelled from Ministries click here ABC10 News
18-06-14 Texas dads denied parental rights to their own twin sons click here Dallas News
17-06-14 U.S. Senate confirms 2 Black and Gay Judicial Nominees to federal bench click here Lambda Legal
16-06-14 Officer suspended from active duty after violent Pittsburgh pride arrest click here Boston Edge
16-06-14 Solider gets honourable discharge 35 years after being kicked out of US Army for being gay click here Pink News
16-06-14 Texas senator writes heartwarming letter to lesbian daughter click here Gay Star News
16-06-14 Philadelphia: Pope urged to stop Church bussing people to anti-gay rally for free click here Pink News
16-06-14 ‘The New Black’ Documentary Examines ‘Homophobia’ in and ‘Exploitation’ of the Black Church Amid Gay Marriage Movement click here Christian Post
16-06-14 New York mayor: I won’t march in St Patrick’s Day parade until it includes gay people click here Pink News
16-06-14 Waitress fired after calling group ‘gay bitches’ on receipt click here Bilerico Project
15-06-14 San Francisco Archbishop urged not to attend anti-gay event click here Pink News
15-06-14 Barack Obama pays tribute to gay fathers, during his annual Father’s Day proclamation. click here Homophobic
14-06-14 Teen arrested following beating of man at gay pride festival in Detroit click here WXYZ news
14-06-14 Rick Santorum: Homosexual behaviour is a choice click here Pink News
14-06-14 YouTube science hosts come out as gay couple, condemn homophobic comments click here New Next Now
13-06-14 After 50 yrs in the closet, WWE legend Pat Patterson comes out as gay click here Pink News
13-06-14 Southern Baptist Convention condemns trans people click here Patheos.Com
13-06-14 Anderson Cooper Decimates GOP Rep’s Anti-Gay Argument click here Huffington Post
12-06-14 Lesbian couple’s Utah home spray-painted with homophobic slurs, dog poisoned click here FreakOutNation
12-06-14 Washington: Hot cop protests Westboro hate with a big gay kiss! click here Gay.Net
11-06-14 Transgender students protected under Title IX, DOE says click here MSNBC.com
11-06-14 Southern Baptist Convention elects leader who thinks Satan ‘broke’ homosexuals click here Pink News
08-06-14 Redneck homophobe ‘Duck Dynasty’ Stars To Release ‘Duck Commander’ Bible In October click here Huffington Post
05-06-14 ATLANTA: Jogger Who Used Anti-Gay Slurs in Attack Turns Himself In click here WSB.TV
05-06-14 Obama choice of judicial nominee is a “serious threat” to civil rights, including gay marriage click here Huffington Post
05-06-14 DC principal comes out as gay during Pride Day event click here MSNBC
05-06-14 How America’s first woman in space hid the fact she was a lesbian for 27 years from even close friends click here Daily Mail
04-06-14 Texas Republican platform endorses ‘gay cure’ therapy for homosexuals click here Houston Chronicle
04-06-14 Openly gay Pennsylvania lawmaker Brian Sims predicts a gay president by 2024 click here Gay Star News
04-06-14 City of Los Angeles commemorates the 1967 Black Cat Riots click here Gay Star News
04-06-14 California production of ‘Cat on a Hot Tin Roof’ canceled after actor leaves stage, shoves anti-gay heckler click here New York Daily News
03-06-14 Conn. Widower Sues Bayer for Spousal Pension Benefits click here The Advocate
03-06-14 Ronald Reagan feared his son was gay when he dropped out of Yale to become a ballet dancer click here Daily Mail
03-06-14 Anti-Gay Radio Host – “The Gay Gestapo brings back slavery” click here New Civil Rights Movement
03-06-14 Congratulations Jim and Patrick! Married After Five Decades in Love click here Lambda Legal
02-06-14 Colorado baker to stop making wedding cakes after losing discrimination case click here CBS local
02-06-14 College athlete: I was kicked out of William Jessup Univ. for being gay click here Outsports
02-06-14 Group of pastors urges Pennsylvania Governor to appeal gay marriage ruling click here Pennlive.Com
02-06-14 Republican Meghan McCain Joins GLAAD Board of Directors click here Homophobic via New Civil Rights Movement
02-06-14 Two men charged in attack of trans women in Georgia click here Homophobic via Gay Star News
31-05-14 US anti-gay group advises members to refuse mail with Harvey Milk stamp click here Gay Star News
31-05-14 President Obama proclaims June LGBT Pride Month click here Metro Weekly
31-05-14 Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi: Gay Marriage Would Cause Harm click here Huffington Post
31-05-14 Crimes against gay and trans community are getting more violent click here Pink News
31-05-14 Westboro Baptist Church plan to picket funeral of ‘fag enabler’ Maya Angelou click here Gay Star News
30-05-14 Gay Republican candidate receives hate letter branding him a ‘n***** fag’ click here Pink News
30-05-14 Jewish congregations to join forces and march together in San Francisco Pride Parade click here Ooblogdee
30-05-14 Mad Men star: Playing a gay man ended my film career click here Pink News
29-05-14 Hot Navy Soldiers Fall In Love, Deal With Homophobia In “Burning Blue” click here Queerty
29-05-14 USA – Gallup Poll: Gay & Lesbian Rights click here Gallup
29-05-14 Two gay Republican groups banned from Texas state click here Huffington Post
29-05-14 Houston City Council passes ‘controversial’ Equal Rights Ordinance click here Click2Houston
29-05-14 Couple says they were asked not to come back to East Texas restaurant because they are gay click here Gay Star News
28-05-14 Stonewall Veteran, Drag King Icon Stormé DeLarverie Dies At 93 click here The Advocate
28-05-14 Historic LGBT sites to get national landmark status click here Pink News
27-05-14 Lily Tomlin helps Los Angeles LGBT Center kick off $25 million fundraising campaign click here Gay Star News
27-05-14 Robert De Niro opens up about gay father in ‘Out’: ‘I wish we had spoken about it much more click here Entertainment Weekly
27-05-14 Gay State Rep. Mike Fleck Should Have Stayed In The Closet . . . . . brought to you by Homophobic click here Huffington Post
26-05-14 California killings: Fox News expert says ‘homosexual impulses’ could have caused Elliot Rodger’s killing spree click here The Independent
26-05-14 Jamaican rapper Queen Ifrica dropped from concert over homophobic lyrics click here Pink News
24-05-14 Alan Robertson of ‘Duck Dynasty’: My Father Phil Is a ’21st Century Prophet’ click here Pink News
24-05-14 White House honours late gay rights campaigner Harvey Milk click here Pink News
23-05-14 Did Fred Phelps die a man who didn’t ‘hate’ gays? click here Pink News
23-05-14 Gay rights activists to protest Jamaican reggae star Queen Ifrica’s upcoming show click here New York Daily News
22-05-14 Harvey Milk Day celebrates birthday of late gay rights activist click here Pink News
22-05-14 New York Radio Hosts Kimberly And Beck Fired After Making Anti-Transgender Remarks On Air click here Huffington Post
22-05-14 Duck Dynasty’s Phil Robertson unleashes ANOTHER homophobic rant in video of Easter sermon click here Daily Mail
20-05-14 Florida Republican says standardised tests will make kids gay click here WPBF.com
20-05-14 Oregon’s Siletz Native American tribe considering legalizing same-sex marriage click here Gay Star News
19-05-14 Cage fighter wants to see gay athlete ‘beat the shit out of somebody’ click here Gay Star News
18-05-14 How US Evangelicals Inflame Hatred of Gays in Africa click here The Root
15-05-14 Disgraced HGTV Bigots Blame Satan’s Gay Agenda for Losing Their Show (Video) click here Americans against Tea Party
15-05-14 Nevada school shooter had been labeled as gay by bullies click here Gay Star News
14-05-14 Gay singer, Clay Aiken, wins NC Dem congressional primary click here AOL
14-05-14 School apologises for showing viral same-sex marriage video to students because it’s ‘not balanced click here Pink News
14-05-14 Newt Gingrich: Gay people should be more tolerant of homophobes click here Pink News
14-05-14 Heavy Metal Rockers Come Out as Gay Read click here LA Times
13-05-14 ABC paying for New York same-sex weddings ahead of ‘Modern Family’ marriage click here Pink News
13-05-14 Ohio Catholic school teacher quits job in support of gay son click here Gay Star News
12-05-14 Anti-Gay Mother’s Day Protester Gets Slushie Thrown At Her click here Huffington Post
12-05-14 National Football League athlete fined for anti-Michael Sam tweets click here ESPN
12-05-14 Naval Academy hosts first same-sex wedding click here Gay Star News
12-05-14 Arkansas Will Appeal Gay Marriage Ruling click here Time
11-05-14 Kentucky governor argues gay marriage threatens birth rates and the economy click here Gay Star News
11-05-14 Michael Sam celebrates NFL draft by kissing boyfriend on TV click here Pink News
11-05-14 Michael Sam is first openly gay NFL player as St Louis Rams Draft pick click here Guardian
10-05-14 Catholic school teacher quits over new contract that tells her to condemn her gay son click here Pink News
10-05-14 Tea Party candidate, Michele Bachmann, opposes building Women’s Museum because it would be a ‘shrine’ to gay marriage click here Pink News
10-05-14 Nintendo apologizes to gay gamers for excluding gay characters click here Gay Star News
09-05-14 Arkansas Judge Strikes Down Gay Marriage Ban click here Time
09-05-14 Louie Gohmert Compares Gay Rights Advocates To Nazis In House Floor Speech (VIDEO) click here Talking Points Memo
09-05-14 Lambda Legal Denounces Indiana A.G. for Fighting Marriage of Woman Battling Cancer and Her Wife click here Lambda Legal
09-05-14 Hotel cancellations over Brunei ‘stone the gays’ law reach $1.5 million click here Pink News
09-05-14 First openly gay NFL player has lined up his first Visa endorsement ad–and it’s great!  click here Instinct Magazine
09-05-14 Attorney for Kentucky Governor argues that gay couples ‘can’t naturally procreate’ so shouldn’t marry click here Pink News
09-05-14 Toyota advert breaks new ground with same-sex couple click here Pink News
09-05-14 Poll: 53% of LGBT people are not out at work click here Pink News
09-05-14 Political lobbyist promises ‘relentless’ boycott of NFL team drafting out athlete Michael Sam click here Gay Star News
08-05-14 Judge extends recognition of lesbian couple in terminal illness lawsuit click here Pink News
08-05-14 Michigan Attorney General argues for gay marriage ban ‘out of respect for democracy’ click here Gay Star News
08-05-14 Dorchester Collection responds to boycott over Brunei ‘stone the gays’ law click here Pink News
08-05-14 Republican politician: Gay men doing anal sex is like ‘taking a dump in your bed’ click here Pink News
08-05-14 Alabama Chief Justice says same-sex marriage is about destroying God’s institutions click here Gay Star News
07-05-14 The anti-gay Christian who wants to be King of America click here Gay Star News
07-05-14 Beverly Hills City Council asks Brunei Sultan to sell hotel amid ‘stone the gays’ law controversy click here Gay Star News
07-05-14 US black pastor group: America is being ‘re-engineered’ by gay activists click here Pink News
07-05-14 Another Westboro Baptist Church member abandons church click here Gay Star News
07-05-15 Human Rights Campaign calls for hotels owned by Sultan of Brunei to stop advertising for gay weddings click here Gay Star News
07-05-14 Desmond Tutu – “. . . I would rather go to hell than a homophobic heaven. click here Huffington Post
07-05-14 Philadelphia man strangled and bludgeoned during Grindr meet up click here Pink News
06-05-14 Porsha delivers homophobic sermon about gays click here Project Atlanta
06-05-14 Columbia athletes and coaches make anti-homophobia video click here The Lion
06-05-14 Man tries to marry his porn filled computer to mock same-sex marriage click here Gay Star News
06-05-14 Orange Is The New Black renewed for third season click here Gay Star News
05-05-14 George Takei honored at 2014 GLAAD Awards click here Gay Star News
05-05-14 Libyan arrested over NYE Seattle gay bar arson attack pleads guilty click here Gay Star News
05-05-14 “Fornicators and Adulterers” Pose a Bigger Threat to Marriage Than Same-Sex Couples click here E-news
05-05-14 Oklahoma ad shows that same-sex marriage ‘makes families stronger click here Pink News
05-05-14 Oprah Winfrey attends wedding of same-sex couple at New York Public Library click here Pink News
03-05-14 Flower Shop Owner Sued for Refusing Gay Wedding click here CBN News
02-05-14 Art sculpture moved, because town thinks it’s a gay orgy click here Pink News
02-05-14 Washington state appoints first gay Supreme Court judge click here Pink News
02-05-14 LISTEN to this heart-warming story of how a 90-year-old mother reacts to her son coming out click here Pink News
02-05-14 Man announces he will run for President, unveils anti-gay manifesto click here Pink News
02-05-14 Tennessee wedding venue that turned away gay veterans will allow same-sex couples click here Pink News
01-05-14 Republican lawmaker warns of the dangers of gay anal sex in surreal ‘garbage truck’ letter click here Pink News
01-05-14 Idaho man donates cemetary plot, so lesbian veteran can be buried next to her wife click here Pink News
01-05-14 Florida: Man sentenced to six months in jail for shooting man at pride parade click here Pink News
01-05-14 54 lawyers back campaign for same-sex marriage in Wyoming click here Gay Star News
30-04-14 Gay slur painted on Vienna Township home has neighbors looking for answers click here NBC News
30-04-14 Global Women’s Rights Awards pulls event from Brunei-owned hotel over ‘Taliban-like’ stoning law click here Pink News
30-04-14 Glenn Beck said Hillary Clinton would ‘have sex with a woman on the White House desk’ click here Pink News
30-04-14 Fox News host jokes: ‘George Clooney is gay’ click here Pink News
30-04-14 Conservative Anglican leaders back Uganda anti-gay law click here Washington Post
30-04-14 Man recieves $450k settlement from New York over ‘gay entrapment’ arrest click here Pink News
30-04-14 United Methodist Church extends benefits to same-sex spouses and partners click here Pink News
29-04-14 Kentucky shop removes ‘no gays’ window sticker, replaces it with anti-gay sign click here Pink News
29-04-14 Boy Scouts reject leadership application from gay scout outed on Facebook click here Pink News
29-04-14 Texas Christian group to rally in support of suspended minister who officiated at gay wedding click here Pink News
29-04-14 Sharon Osbourne urges fans to boycott Brunei-owned hotels over ‘stone the gays’ law click here Pink News
28-04-14 Dolly Parton: Gay people should be allowed to suffer through marriage, just like straight people click here Pink News
28-04-14 Shops who display ‘We Don’t Discriminate’ stickers are bullying Christians click here Pink News
27-04-14 US: Picketers target Brunei-owned hotel over ‘stone the gays’ law click here Pink News
26-04-14 Human Rights Campaign launches $8.5m initiative in deep south states click here Pink News
26-04-14 Michigan state representative quits GOP over party’s opposition to gay rights click here Pink News
26-04-14 Human Rights Watch: Obama should use Malaysia visit to raise sodomy ban click here Pink News
26-04-14 Christian college attempts to shut down student newspaper over pro-gay article click here Pink News
26-04-14 Anti-gay US pundit compares gay activists to leeches  click here Gay Star News
26-04-14 Jars of Clay Frontman Faces Horrible Backlash from Christian Bigots after Tweet Supporting Gay Marriage click here American Against the Tea party
25-04-14 Virginia Christian group planning 40-day hunger strike over same-sex marriage click here Pink News
25-04-14 Group of Illinois religious leaders offer to perform same-sex marriages click here Pink News
25-04-14 Mass. Governor Deval Patrick signs beefed-up anti bullying bill click here Gay Star News
24-04-14 UFC champ fires employee he claims posted anti-gay slurs with his account click here Pink News
24-04-14 AFA: It’s not safe for Christians to be photographers, bakers, florists, teachers, innkeepers… click here Pink News
24-04-14 Idaho won’t let 74-year-old lesbian navy veteran be buried with her wife click here Gay Star News
24-04-14 WWE wrestling stars back the NOH8 anti- homophobia campaign click here Gay Star News
24-04-14 TV legend Betty White says she doesn’t understand homophobes  click here Gay Star News
24-04-14 Bill O’Reilly says ‘threats and demonization’ are helping to win the gay marriage battle click here Gay Star News
23-04-14 New York: Suspects arrested for attacking gay man, leaving him with ripped eye socket click here Gay Star News
23-04-14 Republicans attempt to oust Democratic Governor who allowed gay joint tax returns click here Gay Star News
21-04-14 Rev. Graham: Gays ‘Absolutely’ Can Go to Heaven But They Must ‘Repent’ click here CNS news
21-04-14 Wyoming Governor: I believe marriage is between one man and one woman click here Pink News
21-04-14 Uganda’s State Sponsored Homophobia click here 1 Angry Old Lesbian
21-04-14 Boy Scouts of America tells church it can’t host troop for keeping gay scout leader click here Pink News
20-04-14 US evangelist: Putin is ‘doing what’s right for Russia’ with anti-gay laws click here Pink News
20-04-14 Mayor Who Fired Lesbian Police Chief Caught On Tape In Homophobic Tirade click here Huffington Post
19-04-14 US heavyweight champion goes on homophobic online tirade, then claims it was a hacker click here Gay Star News
19-04-14 Woman who killed 4-year-old son for ‘walking and talking gay’ gets life in prison click here Gay Star News
18-04-14 South Carolina town mayor fires lesbian police chief for being gay click here Gay Star News
17-04-14 Colorado pastor compares being gay to axe murder and cannibalism click here Gay Star News
14-04-14 Two US students wear ‘Gay is not ok’ t-shirts on pro-gay school day click here Gay Star News
14-04-14 US golfer, who believes being gay is a sin, wins Mastersstrip555 click here Gay Star News
14-04-14 Nevada state Republicans drop opposition to gay marriage from platform click here Gay Star News
14-04-14 Black US Tea Party activist claims ‘gay supremacism’ is worse than the white supremacist movement click here Gay Star News
13-04-14 US store owner uses anti-gay slur in sign to encourage customers to pull up pants click here Gay Star News
12-04-14 Mission America’s Linda Harvey says all gay people should stay in the closet click here Gay Star News
11-04-14 Anti-gay marriage group compares the fight against marriage equality to the struggle against slavery click here Gay Star News
10-04-14 Texas teacher suspended for being trans click here Gay Star News
09-04-14 Gay leader gets boot by Boy Scouts of America but community stands by him click here Gay Star News


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