5 months ago
‘Family values’ anti-gay politician accused of affair with his own cousin
5 months ago
Disney cancels all screenings of Beauty and the Beast in Malaysia after censors cut gay content
5 months ago
Town fills local square with rainbow flags in support of allegedly battered gay couple
7 months ago
High school cancelled play over lesbian character, say students
7 months ago
Generic levitra available united states Man held at gunpoint as thugs deface car with homophobic slurs
7 months ago
Man pleads not guilty to federal hate charge in killing of gay man
7 months ago
Two teenagers jailed over ‘violent and unprovoked’ homophobic attack
7 months ago
New North Carolina bill would make it an offence to call ex-Governor a ‘homophobic a**hole’
7 months ago
Liverpool man left with severe facial wounds after homophobic attack
7 months ago
Indian media embroiled in row over ‘gay’ Bollywood star
7 months ago
Bishop claims there are no gay animals in nature – meet all the creatures that disagree
7 months ago
Cheapest price for levitra These are the states set for battles on anti-LGBT laws
7 months ago
Government backs plan to tackle the UK’s ‘last anti-gay law’
7 months ago
BBC fails to moderate racist and homophobic comments on website
7 months ago
20 homophobic hate crimes a day in England and Wales
7 months ago
Mr Pride fined over homophobic abuse
7 months ago
College student who sent homophobic, racist letters to prof avoids jail time
7 months ago
Trump demands officials justify ‘massive’ spending on federal AIDS programme
7 months ago
Hundreds plan ‘gay dance party’ at the house of Vice President-elect Mike Pence
7 months ago
Woman robbed and abused in ‘homophobic’ Nando’s attack
7 months ago
Ireland lifts lifetime ban on gay men giving blood
7 months ago
North Carolina Governor continues to push for repeal of anti-trans HB2
7 months ago
Anti-LGBT activists: Trump presents ‘window of opportunity’ to reverse reforms
7 months ago
Italian court has ordered 12 hours of daily ‘youth community’ for ‘effeminate’ teen boy
7 months ago
University protesters shut down a Yiannopoulos and Shkreli talk before it even started
7 months ago
Gay activist wearing Israel shirt attacked in Chile by ‘neo-Nazis’
7 months ago
Vatican’s new guidelines maintain ban on gay priests
7 months ago
Downtown Little Rock home vandalized with homophobic, racist graffiti
7 months ago
Government integration tsar says it’s ‘not OK’ for religious schools to teach homophobia
7 months ago
Republican preacher: Ellen DeGeneres is sexually confused and LGBT liberals ‘hate black churches’


Date Article Link Source
20-06-14 ‘I’m gay’ says Gloucestershire Chief Constable Suzette Davenport click here Gloucester Citizen
17-06-14 Councillor quits Labour Party after calling colleague ‘queer’ click here Manchester Evening News
17-06-14 Cases of gonorrhoea up 26% for gay men in England click here Pink News
13-06-14 Anti-gay bigotry is still a problem – we need to radicalise again click here The Guardian
13-06-14 Milton Keynes, UK: Life sentence for stabbing lesbian lover as she slept click here Milton Keynes News
13-06-14 ‘Monster’ sergeant major who sexually assaulted lesbian soldier after drunken party is jailed for two-and-a-half years click here Daily Mail
12-06-14 Police release CCTV footage following homophobic incident in Leicester takeaway click here Midlands Zone
12-06-14 Two boys charged with homophobic assault in Battle click here Sussex Reporter
12-06-14 Labour Councillor, Farooq Ahmed, found guilty of hurling homophobic slur at colleague in street row click here Manchester Evening News
11-06-14 Zak Hardaker handed five-game ban after Leeds full-back found guilty of homophobic abuse during defeat by Warrington click here Daily Mail
11-06-14 London police step closer to finding man who ‘blinded’ gay man with bleach click here Gay Star News
08-06-14 Newly-appointed Bishop of Bath condemns same-sex marriage click here Pink News
05-06-14 Ex-UKIP councillor who called gay people ‘poofs’ and ‘perverts’ resigns click here Pink News
05-06-14 Christopher Biggins: ‘The Sultan of Brunei looks like an old queen’ click here Pink News
04-06-14 Secular Society: Wedding stationer who refuses to serve gays should be ‘prosecuted’ click here Pink News
04-06-14 Gay terror policeman claims he was forced to quit after being told bosses monitor sex app Grindr and officers taunted him saying he should ‘become a hairdresser’ click here Daily Mail
03-06-14 Gay protest against ex-UKIP councillor to take place click here Redditch Advertiser
03-06-14 Church of England bans clergy from joining BNP or National Front click here The Guardian
02-06-14 Meet Roger Helmer, the Tory defector whose views on immigration and gays make Nigel Farage look progressive click here Daily Mail
30-05-14 Swindon: Thug is jailed after attack on gay man click here Swindon Advertiser
28-05-14 Failed MEP candidate: ‘All hate crime victims like Matthew Shepard are frauds’ click here Pink News
27-05-14 Ukip councillor Dave Small suspended over claims he made racist and homophobic comments on Facebook click here The Independent
23-05-14 OXFORD: Students physically assaulted in homophobic attack click here The Oxford Student
22-05-14 Two-queens? click here Daily Star
22-05-14 UKIP candidate: Gays will stop marrying because they are ‘promiscuous prisoners’ click here Basingstoke Gazette
22-05-14 Gay pride flag raised above Hatfield Police Station click here Welywn & Hatfield Times
22-05-14 Married vicar who preached that gay weddings destroyed the sanctity of marriage sacked for having affair with a parishioner click here Daily Mail
22-05-14 Gay UKIP candidate arrested over alleged sexual assault on homeless Bulgarian man click here Daily Mirror
20-05-14 Met Police investigate Muslim pro-Tory, anti-gay election leaflets click here Newham Recorder
20-05-14 Teen gets 14 years for stabbing gay man in chest click here Bay TV – Liverpool
20-05-14 Nottinghamshire sees gay adoption rates rise click here BBC News
16-05-14 Former Tory Chairman: Stonewall’s refusal to boycott Dorchester ‘doesn’t make sense’ click here Pink news
16-05-14 UKIP candidate with ‘Nazi inspired’ tattoos appears naked in photos with a cat click here Pink News
16-05-14 Defiant sounds to ring out from Northampton’s Guildhall as part of awareness day click here Northampton Chronicle
16-05-14 Hospital yob fined click here Lancashire Evening Post
15-05-14 Labour MP Diane Abbott: Mayor of London must act over rising homophobic crime click here Pink News
15-05-14 Prestigious magazine awards snubs Dorchester Hotel due to Brunei’s death-by-stoning law for gays click here Pink News
15-05-14 Council apologises for ordering churches to perform same-sex weddings click here Pink News
15-05-14 Lincoln rugby team victim of homophobic chants click here The Oxford Student
14-05-14 Gay penguins in Kent zoo are ‘the best parents’ click here BBC News
13-05-14 Brighton: Gay men urged to get tested for syphilis as rates soar click here Pink Paper
13-05-14 UK Football Club, Sunderland To Fly Rainbow Flag For Gay Rights as well as local council click here Sunderland Echo
09-05-14 Traveller fined for calling police officer ‘a gay boy’ click here Dover Express
09-05-14 Churchill Academy backs Stonewall’s anti-homophobia fight click here Cheddar Valley Gazette
09-05-14 Police appeal after man slapped in the face and victim of homophobic abuse in Yeovil click here Western Gazette
09-05-14 Same sex couple accuse Chester boat company of being homophobic click here Warrington Guardian
09-05-14 Shaftesbury mayor Simon Pritchard censured over homophobic joke email click here Blackmore Vale Magazine
09-05-14 UKIP MEP Roger Helmer: ‘You guys in the media are obsessed with sexuality’ click here Pink News
09-05-14 Easthampstead Park school pupil honoured for work to tackle homophobia click here Bracknell News
08-05-14 Cornwall Police accused of persecution and homophobic vendetta click here Homophobic
08-05-14 Black UKIP candidate who said gay adoption is ‘child abuse’ denies party is racist click here Pink News
08-05-14 Birmingham: Police Appeal After Homophobic Attack click here Capital FM – Birmingham
08-05-14 Activists ‘gobsmacked’ after Camden Council lists ‘transsexualism’ as a ‘mental illness’ click here Pink News
08-05-14 Ukip’s choice of a homophobe in a by-election tells you all you need to know click here Daily Telegraph
07-05-15 UKIP’s Roger Helmer: ‘I’m not the anti-gay MEP and I would attend a gay wedding’ click here Pink News
07-05-15 Lesbian couple furious over attempt to cancel their wedding reception click here Pink News
07-05-14 New play to tackle homophobic bullies click here Chester Chronicle
06-05-14 UKIP MEP who said gays are ‘abnormal’ selected to fight Newark by-election click here Pink News
06-05-14 UKIP candidate: ‘Homosexuals are ten times more likely than normal men to be child abusers’ click here Pink News
06-05-14 Leaflets posted through UK doors says gays are ‘inspired by the devil’ click here Pink News
02-05-14 UKIP candidate: ‘David Cameron is a gay loving nut case and homosexuality is an abomination’ click here Pink News
02-05-14 Prince Harry: I might experiment with gay men if my relationship doesn’t work out click here Pink News
02-05-14 Havant policemen sacked for sexism and homophobia click here Havant News
01-05-14 MEP candidate: Ban Grindr to stop gay MPs from ‘violating democracy’ click here Pink News
01-05-14 Two men jailed for throwing gay man in river, calling him ‘queer’ click here Daily Mail
01-05-14 Man Punched and Abused by Robbers in Homophobic Attack click here Hinckley Times
30-04-14 Tamworth UKIP candidate labelled “racist” and “homophobic” over social media comments click here Tamworth Herald
30-04-14 Climate of Homophobia: York students speak out on hate crimes  click here Pink News
29-04-14 Church of England’s top woman: We’re driving people away on gay marriage  click here Pink News
27-04-14 Merseyside police commissioner vows action after increase in hate crimes  click here Pink News
26-04-14 Stephen Fry boycotts Brunei-owned hotel over ‘stone the gays’ law  click here Pink News


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