5 months ago
‘Family values’ anti-gay politician accused of affair with his own cousin
5 months ago
Disney cancels all screenings of Beauty and the Beast in Malaysia after censors cut gay content
5 months ago
Town fills local square with rainbow flags in support of allegedly battered gay couple
7 months ago
High school cancelled play over lesbian character, say students
7 months ago
Generic levitra available united states Man held at gunpoint as thugs deface car with homophobic slurs
7 months ago
Man pleads not guilty to federal hate charge in killing of gay man
7 months ago
Two teenagers jailed over ‘violent and unprovoked’ homophobic attack
7 months ago
New North Carolina bill would make it an offence to call ex-Governor a ‘homophobic a**hole’
7 months ago
Liverpool man left with severe facial wounds after homophobic attack
7 months ago
Indian media embroiled in row over ‘gay’ Bollywood star
7 months ago
Bishop claims there are no gay animals in nature – meet all the creatures that disagree
7 months ago
Cheapest price for levitra These are the states set for battles on anti-LGBT laws
7 months ago
Government backs plan to tackle the UK’s ‘last anti-gay law’
7 months ago
BBC fails to moderate racist and homophobic comments on website
7 months ago
20 homophobic hate crimes a day in England and Wales
7 months ago
Mr Pride fined over homophobic abuse
7 months ago
College student who sent homophobic, racist letters to prof avoids jail time
7 months ago
Trump demands officials justify ‘massive’ spending on federal AIDS programme
7 months ago
Hundreds plan ‘gay dance party’ at the house of Vice President-elect Mike Pence
7 months ago
Woman robbed and abused in ‘homophobic’ Nando’s attack
7 months ago
Ireland lifts lifetime ban on gay men giving blood
7 months ago
North Carolina Governor continues to push for repeal of anti-trans HB2
7 months ago
Anti-LGBT activists: Trump presents ‘window of opportunity’ to reverse reforms
7 months ago
Italian court has ordered 12 hours of daily ‘youth community’ for ‘effeminate’ teen boy
7 months ago
University protesters shut down a Yiannopoulos and Shkreli talk before it even started
7 months ago
Gay activist wearing Israel shirt attacked in Chile by ‘neo-Nazis’
7 months ago
Vatican’s new guidelines maintain ban on gay priests
7 months ago
Downtown Little Rock home vandalized with homophobic, racist graffiti
7 months ago
Government integration tsar says it’s ‘not OK’ for religious schools to teach homophobia
7 months ago
Republican preacher: Ellen DeGeneres is sexually confused and LGBT liberals ‘hate black churches’
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